I consider myself to be somewhat of a movie buff. I've worked in two separate video stores during my adult life, and one of those I was at for over six years. But I'm not a snob, or even a high-level expert on cinema, really. I've just seen a lot of movies!

For the past year, I haven't worked in a film-centric environment, which means that my viewing has substantially decreased. And while I try and make it to theaters and see as much as possible, I don't really have the money to watch everything that looks interesting. Which is why this mashup of all movies from 2012 is so incredibly cool!

Ah, much better: I got to see everything from 2012 without shelling out a bunch of cash. Just kidding! But really, this does make me wish I hadn't missed out on some of the year's bigger movies (I mean, I still haven't even seen the new Dark Knight flick). Maybe 2013 will be the year of the cinema for me! [via YouTube]

What did you think of this supercut?

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