I have a not-so-secret confession to make: I love Gossip Girl. Even though plenty of people would argue that it's a show made for shallow high school girls, this college-educated lady can't get enough of it. (Hey, we all need a little mental junk food sometimes!) And I'm certainly sad to know that this season Gossip Girl episodes are all leading up to one thing: the series finale. For those of you who are a bit bummed by the same fact, there is one small way you can take a bit of the show with you: by purchasing one of Blair Waldorf's iconic headbands!

Designer Jennifer Behr created most of the well-known headpieces seen on the show, and most of them are glizty, eye-catching and stylish. (My personal favorite is the one right above, which I don't know if I'd be able to wear to any event in my everyday life.) Unfortunately, each headband is well over the $100 range, and if you want to purchase the entire "gift set," get ready to shell out $4,000. Yeah, I like the show, and I appreciate the hairpiece trend that it brought back. But I have student loans, so I think I'll go ahead and pass on this offer. But if you're really interested, head on over to Behr's shop to check out prices! [via Fashionista]

Which headband is your favorite?

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