Rashida Jones is one awesome gal. Not only does she play a great role as Ann Perkins on Parks and Recreation, but from what I've seen in interviews she's a smart, down-to-earth and funny woman. Oh...and she's totally gorgeous. And has a great sense of fashion. (You may know that her dad is Quincy Jones, but were you aware that her mom is Peggy Lipton, of Twin Peaks fame? Mind=blown.) Recently Jones stepped out at a charity event in an outfit that stood out amongst the safely-played dresses and gowns most women were wearing. Check it out here and let us know how you feel about it!

This isn't exactly my cup of tea, but I certainly don't hate it. That blue looks great on her, and I like seeing it in suit form. The splash of coral up top is a nice touch, too. The only thing I would change is the shoes; they're way too much color for this outfit. Otherwise, however, I call this a hit!

Hit or miss, Lovelies?

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