I don’t use Twitter much. I’m not really interested in reading strangers’ thoughts expressed in 150 characters or less, and if I want to know what’s up with my friends, I can just head over to my Facebook feed. I have enough digital information being thrown at me day after day; by not using Twitter, my online life is just a little bit simpler. But I will admit that there is some good that can come from the site. And sometimes it’s hilarious.
Just take a look at these illustrated tweets and tell me I’m wrong!

While I may not understand the appeal of Twitter, I can at least enjoy some of the humor to be found on the site. I don’t quite understand why (or how) some of these strange minds are using the Internet, but at least artist Mike Rosenthal takes their tweets to a whole new, hilarious level. Head on over to his Tumblr to see even more illustrations! [via Twitter: The Comic and Buzzfeed]

Which of these is funniest?