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Hit Or Miss: My 16 Favorite Hits From 2012

Fashion is one of my favorite topics to write about. I like to think of myself as a stylin’ lady, and I try to keep myself (and you!) informed about new trends on a daily basis. “Hit or Miss” posts are some of my favorite to compose, because even if I like the outfits they […]

8 Foreign (And Weird) New Year’s Eve Traditions

For New Year’s Eve, we American’s usually just douse ourselves in glitter, get tipsy and pucker up at the stroke of midnight. Although I have no problem with that tradition (and don’t save for it for only one day a year…) we seem pretty boring compared to other countries and their own celebrations. I mean, […]

10 Retro Posters For Classic Films

Happy New Year’s Eve, Lovelies! I’m in Missouri and it’s snowing like crazy, which means that it’s perfect weather to stay inside and watch a movie. Most of my bad weather picks consist of ridiculous titles (Wet Hot American Summer, anyone?), but sometimes I like to break out the classics, too. Which is why it […]

College Secrets Facebook Pages: Ingenious Idea Or Potentially Problematic?

Facebook is an essential tool to almost every college student. It allows students to stay connected with both their colleges and their classmates. It can be useful in keeping up with popular events, participating in clubs and other organizations or even for academic purposes like coordinating on a group project. Recently, I’ve been noticing a […]

Sober Celebs: 10 Celebrities That Don’t Drink

Here is a factoid about me: I don’t drink. I guess occasionally I’ll have a drink, for example, tonight I’ll probably have a glass of champagne to ring in the New year. But honestly, 362 days out of 365… I don’t drink. I used to love it. Don’t get me wrong, I partied when I […]

Creative Ideas To Get The Perfect Manicure At Home!

Professional manicures are expensive. Nothing can beat the feeling you get after getting a really great manicure and it’s really tough to get the same long-lasting results. For years, we’ve been told that the only way to maintain healthy and strong nails is to get them professionally done, and unfortunately, the manicure products readily available […]

My Honest New Year Resolutions

When writing, I wonder how much to open about, how much to conceal. One of the things I’ve been learning is that when I’m honest (even if it’s not very pretty), all of these people come out of the woodworks, able to relate. I very recently went through a break up. So I guess the […]

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