Who was that adorable pipsqueak playing the young Liz Lemon last night on 30 Rock? Nepotism strikes again, for that little girl is Alice Fey, Tina’s oldest daughter! If you aren’t familiar with the comedienne legacy, you should probably be aware that she was born hilarious. Just take a look at Alice’s striking resemblance to her mother as well as her mother’s peculiar expressions after the jump! 

Look a little closer to that infamous droll synonymous with the great Tina Fey:

Self-mockery is, indeed, genetic. The 7-year-old is taking after her mother perfectly and I demand more of this, please. Thanks, Alice. You da best. Also, start teaching your 1-year-old sister, Penelope, a thing or two. She must hone her witty skills at a young age to truly prove the legend of the Fey’s.

Check out the little darling’s funny photobomb, expressions and ultimately adorable likeness to Tina in the gallery.

What do you think of Tina Fey’s awesome daughter?

[via Buzzfeed]
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