I love to cook. And since going on a vegan diet two months ago, I've definitely learned to be creative in the kitchen. In fact, I've even started branching out beyond recipes and making my own dishes without culinary assistance. Some turn out great, and others...well, let's just say there's an entire crock pot of soup in the trash can outside. (And I abhor wasting food, so that tells you how inedible it was.) Usually I try sticking to tried and true flavor combinations, like strawberry and banana or tomato and basil. But sometimes unusual inspiration comes along that turns out surprisingly well. Like these strange flavor pairings that are apparently supposed to be pretty good!

I have so many questions here. Who thought of putting these ingredients together? Does the idea of salmon and licorice make you gag, too? Are these actually delicious, or just examples of people trying to be cutting edge with food? I guess I'll just have to try a few of these recipes and find out! Speaking of cooking instructions, you can find links to them and more weird pairings over at the source! [via Buzzfeed]

What do you think of these recipes?