Red lips can look incredible in a photograph and are an extremely hot look for winter. Unfortunately for most of us, this bold look doesn't transfer so well to day-to-day life. Personally, I've dealt with the classic lipstick on teeth scenario, having to constantly reapply throughout the day, wanting to scratch the product off my lips cos the formulation is extremely uncomfortable and I also have a really special tendency to get red lipstick all over my face (yes, even on my forehead) if I am not super careful. Please tell me I'm not alone in such struggles...

Then one day the Red Lipstick Gods smiled upon me and bestowed to me the Make Up Forever Aqua Rouge WATERPROOF Liquid Lip Color. Oddly enough this product was originally formulated for synchronized swimmers. I'm sure you can imagine synchronized swimmers have little time or ability to touch up their lipstick and clearly need their color to stay on in even the most extreme situation, i.e. being completely submerged in water.

To my disappointment, this line categorizes their colors by numbers rather than adorable and clever names but I will say that numbers 8 and 9 (see, how boring is that?) are to die for; 8 being a bright tomato red and 9 a deep crimson which I must say is extremely on trend this season. These colors look like a double ended lip gloss, but are much more.

This product applies extremely easily. On a totally exfoliated and clean lip, apply the red side of the tube first starting with the center of the bottom lip and then smacking your lips together to transfer pigment to the top lip. Use the tip of the applicator to perfect the lip line and let it set for a few seconds. Once the red has dried, apply the clear glossy side as liberally (or not) as you want. Even if you want a matte red lip, this step is crucial because it truly seals in the color and gives you the moisture you need to keep the wear comfortable throughout the day. If you feel your lips getting dry, you can reapply the gloss as often as you like.

This is HANDS DOWN the most long wearing, beautiful and comfortable red I have worn in my entire life. The first time I wore it, I sported it to work for an entire 8 hour shift and then headed to a party with my boyfriend. I was eating, drinking, dancing, sweating and kissing my boyfriend and by the end of the night I was reluctant to look in the mirror expecting a big red mess all over my face. BUT THAT MESS DID NOT HAPPEN! I still had a perfectly red lip. Pretty life changing if you ask me.

Have you ever tried this product? Have you had such success with any other red lip stick? I would love to hear!

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