Winter has most definitely made its arrival in New York City. This transplanted Texan is now in the midst of a third winter here and I finally feel like I have gotten the hang of how to show my skin some love during these frigid months. I have always been a more oily skinned lady so I always felt that piling on moisturizing products during the winter wasn't really necessary; In the short, mild Texas winters I always got away with that philosophy. Now, as soon as a cold wind starts to blow, my oily skin turns flaky and tight, and my hair turns to straw. Below are some of my staple winter beauty products that have helped me keep everything healthy, balanced and beautiful.

1. Facial Moisturizer

I feel like this goes without saying, but a good facial moisturizer is essential during the winter. This particular one is perfect for not only dry skinned gals, but for those of us with more oily or trouble skin as well. This oil-free gel moisturizer absorbs quickly and is extremely hydrating without being heavy. It can even be patted over make-up if you notice dry patches on your face. This product is amazing, but I personally prefer a more natural route which brings me to my next product...

2. Coconut Oil

Yes, you heard me correctly, I have been putting oil on my face as my moisturizer...and I promise my skin looks great! If the thought of smearing oil all over your face makes you a little squeamish, that's okay; Stick with the awesome oil free moisturizer above and enjoy all the other benefits of this amazing oil. It works wonders applied to the body and hair right after a shower, and a small amount can also be smoothed over dry hair as well for moisture and protection. It's great for dabbing on any dry patches and I love massaging it into my cuticles. It can get a little messy, but it smells like a tropical heavenly escape which helps keep my spirits high during drab days.

3. Eye Cream

Personally, my eye area is always somewhat dry and becomes super flaky in the winter months. An eye-cream should truly be a beauty staple year round, but is especially crucial when temperatures are low and air is dry. I love this one from Philosophy because it's super effective (goodbye dark circles) and hydrating without being heavy or greasy. I know that it says "ADVANCED ANTI AGING EYE CREAM" which sounds super intense and possibly unnecessary, but I cannot stress to you enough the importance of caring for your eye area before there are any signs of aging. Trust me, you will be thanking me in forty years.

4. Hand Cream

I know a lot of us don't think of the skin on our hands when we are thinking of beauty products, but when your hands are soft and your cuticles are happy you just feel so much nicer! As much as I wish I could carry around my jar of coconut oil around with me for all of my hydration needs, I just don't think that would be the best utilization of space in my bag. Luckily there is the travel-friendly L'Occitane series of hand creams, all of which contain shea butter which not only protects the skin, but keeps it hydrated for hours! The rose petals version is my personal favorite but they have a ton of amazing scents to choose from.

What are some of your winter beauty staples?

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