Disney princesses provide a creative outlet for a number of artists. People have turned them into superheroes, hipsters and an array of other identities over time. But just because amateur artists create different renditions of the characters doesn’t mean that names in the big leagues can’t get involved, too. Which is why it’s so cool to see top-name designers style the likes of Snow White, Tiana, Mulan and more! We already caught a glimpse at this awesome set, and now you can check out the full thing by clicking here!

These are all so amazing, I can’t choose a favorite! Though I’m leaning towards the awesome color combinations and setting in the Little Mermaid shot. The photos were all done for the British department store Harrods, and are the theme of their Christmas displays this year. While I may not be able to afford any of these outfits, this is certainly the best set of ads I’ve seen in a very long time! [via Buzzfeed]

Which of these is your favorite?