Yoko, I love you. But what are you doing? We all know you have a butt obsession but… this? Is this a joke? It’s hard to imagine any man wearing any part of this menswear line but I guess there’s a time, place and person for everything. I do find it a little charming that Opening Ceremony decided to bring Yoko’s glutemus maximus dreams to life. I mean, we all like butts, right? Well get ready because there’s a lot of booty, nipples and crotch decor in the menswear gallery below. Check it out, laugh and let us know what you think!

To be honest, I’m a little disappointed. With Yoko’s talent, I know she could have made something interesting and worthwhile. But at the very least, and to give her a little credit, the line is pretty funny. But it’s definitely not wearable, interesting or anything else that’s redeemable. Sorry, Yoko! This one was a FAIL. [via Opening Ceremony]

Do you agree, Lovelies?