The Internet is an amazing tool that can be used to acquire vast amounts of knowledge. I, however, seem to only use it to watch cat videos, scroll through Tumblr and, of course, spend hours laughing at memes. 2012 may have had its ups and downs, but it was excellent on one front: the memes were hilarious. From “grumpy cat” (above) to “overly attached girlfriend” (after the cut), even the bleakest of Mondays at least had some digital bright spots in them. Click here to see 13 other memes that entertained me this year!

As 2012 draws to a close, it’s important to remember the important events from the past year. Like “Gersberms” and “ridiculously photogenic guy.” Especially “ridiculously photogenic guy.” May your holidays be merry and bright, may you have a happy new year and may 2013 be filled with an abundance of new, hilarious memes. Head on over to the source to see even more! [via Buzzfeed]

Which 2012 meme was your favorite?