In case you weren't sure what's a cool enough gift...
Here are 7 gift ideas for your hipster friend or family member! And they're not vintage.


The Bubba Rose Organic Dog Biscuit Cookbook kit. So their furry friends can eat homemade, organic, gluten-free, soy, etc. food too.


A Starbucks chilled coffee drink (with soymilk of course) phone case. Double-fisting with brands.


The Camera Strap Necktie for the hipster who totes a camera along daily. Professional, but not like you're trying too hard.


If they don't have a camera, how about Fuuvi Megane Eye Glasses. These are a digital camera, recorder, and fashion accessory all in one. Way cooler than normal cameras.


A wireless SEGA Genesis console. For those that are into retro video games and classic models re-made.


This solid, cream perfume is called "I Made You A Mix Tape." It smells deliciously pretentious. JK, just delicious. (Seriously, it smells good.)


An Ecosphere is an ecosystem contained in glass. Little shrimp and other small organisms can live within them. Snow globes and warm-blooded pets are too mainstream, so get this for hipster children.

Lovelies, which was your favorite? (Don't tell anyone, but I actually like the Starbucks phone cover.)