The “Boyfriend Maker” app is nothing short of amazing. Download it to your phone, choose a guy and take care of him like your own human Tamagotchi. This involves buying your man clothes, showering him with attention and being an overall attentive “girlfriend.” Actually, most of the app is pretty weird. What makes it so awesome, however, are the “conversations” you have with your significant other. The dialogue is spewed out from a bot, and makes for some pret-ty interesting (and hilarious) reads. Check out some of the best lines from the game by clicking here, and get ready to laugh a ton! (Warning: the text is NSFW!)

Well, it looks like I’ve found a new way to waste my time. Hopefully no guy sees that I have this downloaded, lest they be scared away. Though I guess I could share some of my virtual boyfriend’s awesome one liners for some great candlelight dinner entertainment. Head on over to the source to see even more hilarity! [via Boyfriend Maker]

Which of these is funniest?