I recently told you guys about my obsession with Catbird NYC's delicate jewelry and how my love for jewelry was rediscovered when I found them. Well ladies, I have a new obsession. I came across VERAMEAT a couple years ago at the renegade craft fair and I instantly was drawn to their display. Moderately priced, tiny, beautiful and slightly dark, I can't help but want to own the entire line.

The brain child of Vera Balyura, VERAMEAT is based out of New York and is coveted by celebs and fashion/jewelry lovers alike. VERAMEAT's story is an awesome one... not to mention that Vera's personal journey is pretty amazing. Check out my favorite VERAMEAT pieces below, then head over to the site and pick up a little something for the holidays.

Here is a little bit about Vera and her inspiration according to Verameat.com:

VERAMEAT is Vera Balyura, a teller of winding tales in search of the extraordinary. Born in Ukraine, she recalls woodcarving with her grandfather, horseback riding in Utah & moving to New York to be a high fashion model all before the age of 14. Each design reflects a personal (yet universal) inspiration—from traveling the world, making music, maritime ny sagas, botanical structures of light, futuristic visions of rogue spacemen in beer, and before history.

I love when I come across inspirational women! Isn't she gorgeous?!

1. Lady Hand Necklace, $130
2. Cobra Studs, $68
3. Double Head Fox Ring, $110
4. Power Animal Ring, $58
5. A Ribbon Bow Ring, $68
6. Bone-ita Ring, $58
7. Ladders Up Ladder Round Bracelet, $160
8. Vampire Crown Ring, $48
9. Dino Claw Hugs Ring, $90
10. Spine Bracelet, $98

Which of these pieces do you love?
Personally, I'm loving the Spine bracelet and the Dino Claw Hugs ring!

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