Our "hit or miss" posts are usually filled with dresses, skirts and other female-centric clothing, and it's rare that we ever focus on a male celebrity. But this week Justin Beiber stepped out in an outfit that caused a ton of controversy. The ensemble itself wasn't inherently scandalous, and consisted of some overalls and a white shirt. Usually this would be an "unfashionable but tame" look, but Justin wore it to a rather formal event...

...yes, that is what Beibs wore to meet the Canadian prime minister. Some people are saying it's not a big deal, while others are chastising him for dressing in an undignified fashion. Beiber claims he didn't have time to change after a performance, but I'm going to have to raise an eyebrow at that excuse. You're a millionaire. You can probably literally afford to buy some time to change. This is a definite miss!

Hit or miss, Lovelies?

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