I'm putting my follicular future in your hands, folks. I'm facing a dilemma, and by "facing", I mean it's literally in my face. To my trusted Lovelyish readers, I am asking for your honest opinions and I will make a decision based on your answers. Should I cut my bangs? Click through to see more pictures and then answer away!

I had bangs since my senior year of high school. So for 9 years, my bangs remained a constant while my color, wave and layers always changed. Nearing a decade made me question my bangs and I finally decided to try something new. On December 17, 2011, the brilliant Katie cut my bangs for the last time and I vowed to grow them to their demise.

The first couple months were torture. In fact, my first Lovelyish post was a quasi-freakout over how I should I style my bang-less hair. Now, after getting over the foreign feeling of forehead exposure, I'm embracing my hair. But I also told myself from the beginning that if I wasn't completely happy with my hair, I would revert back to bangs on December 17, 2012, bringing my voyage to an end at exactly one year.

Looking back, I'm not sure if I should snip away the brave hairs that I took a plunge on. I also will never stop loving the look of bangs. I think they are incredibly classic and so easy to style in different ways. But DAMMIT I have a massive cowlick that screws them up. I CAN'T CHOOSE. LIFE HARD.

So please let me know in the comments which look is better for me. Bangs or no bangs? December 17th is coming up. Be nice, gals.

UPDATE - Love the responses! Stay tuned and you'll see the results December 17th!