Tattoos last forever. True love...well, ideally it lasts just as long. While some couples buy each other jewelry or other material symbols of affection, others take a serious leap by getting matching ink together. Sometimes it's cute, and sometimes such pairs even work out. (I once met a husband and wife in their 70s who each had a tiny, blurry tornado on their ring was adorable.) Other times, well, you're just left with a permanent reminder of someone you went under the needle with. Here are 18 couples who made the daring choice of getting inked together!

Some of these are actually pretty adorable. Others, however, I don't quite understand. Nonetheless, these are other people's bodies, and I'm not about to tell anyone what to do with them! All I hope for is that these couples worked out in the end. Head on over to the source to see even more matching ink! [via Buzzfeed]

Which of these do you like best?