Female Olympic swimmer, Casey Legler! Not only is she an incredible athlete and artist, but she's now a model for Ford men's division. According to Legler, it's not about her sexual identity, politics or anything else that defines her. Casey thinks (and should think!) that she looks just as good in heels as she does in menswear. Her friendship with photographer Cass Bird initiated their spread in Muse magazine and one day later, Ford contacted Casey with a modeling contract. It was all in good fun but Casey's perspective on modeling as a man is just as interesting as the photos themselves. See Casey's video interview about her new male modeling gig below the cut!

I love that Casey is so comfortable with her role as a female, male model. Like she notes in the video above, gender can be so complicated and in that, it can also be limiting. After all, we all have "masculine" and "feminine" traits, it's just a matter of how confident, accepting and proud we are of those elements of our personality. When fashion accepts rarity's like miss Casey Legler as beautiful (which is what she is,) it does a world of good... not just for Casey but society as a whole. Way to go Ford! And way to go Casey Legler! [via Fashionista]

What do you think of the female male model, Lovelies?