By now, you’ve probably seen the viral video of Sam Gordon, the 9-year-old football sensation who has taken the sports world by storm. A few weeks ago, Gordon’s father posted a highlight reel from her peewee football season, which showed a few examples of the 35 touchdowns she made, the 65 tackles, and the 1,911 yards rushed. The highlight reel also features plenty of examples of Sam generally kicking butt while out-running and out-smarting her competitors.

Sam joined the nearly all-boys Utah Conference football league after beating 172 kids in her district in almost every speed and agility drill during tryouts. Although, her first love is soccer, Sam’s been pleased with the response to her reel, telling Good Morning America, “It’s been very awesome. I kind of just threw the ball around with them and it was really fun.” Well now, thanks to “just throwing the ball around,” Sam has been given the chance to appear on numerous morning talk shows, ESPN Sunday alongside NFL stars, and was even given a chance to practice with the San Francisco 49ers. What could be better than that? How about your picture on a Wheaties box at only 9 years old!

Wheaties said that they chose Sam to be the first-ever female football player spokeswoman for their cereal because she’s an inspiration, not only to young girls playing sports, but to all aspiring athletes around the world. With her fierce attitude on the field and adorable eloquence in person, it’s impossible not to root for the lovable Sam Gordon (especially as she takes down more than a few boys twice her size).

What do you Lovelies think of Sam and her prodigious athletic talents?