As somebody who loves celebrities that experiment with their wardrobes, I think Jennifer Lawrence often plays it safe for red carpet events. This is why I was a bit conflicted when I saw her dress for the Beverly Hills screening of Silver Linings Handbook. It's sexy, but I'm not sure if I love it. See for yourself! 

I think the dress looks lovely and is nicely constructed, and it's certainly not the average draped gown that tends to flood the red carpet for every premiere, awards show and gala. However, I think the belt looks a little too tight, which is causing the bottom half to jut out just a bit. I also am not a fan of the hair and makeup, as I feel both don't go along well with the dress. Her hairstyle is neither neat nor purposefully disheveled, and has bumps all over the top which look unintentional. Letting her hair down would've taken away from the sharpness and severity of the dress. As for the makeup, she's wearing too much foundation, not enough blush and the eyeshadow is poorly blended. Overall, I give this look a B-.

Lovelies, what do you think: is Jennifer's dress a silver lining or a dark cloud in the eyes of fashion?

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