Getting creative with materials and elements in a photoshoot is something that photographers, stylists, coordinators and creators all have to do in order to stay on the cutting edge of fashion. It only makes sense that they’d use interesting (literal) ingredients as props, costumes and/or settings. Using food in fashion sometimes goes incredibly well. Other times, not so much… like in the one pictured above (yes, that guy is wearing spaghetti as a shirt and ravioli as boxers). For more, including a couple semi-NFSW ones, 

Madonna + Baskin Robbins

As much as I love creativity and newness in fashion, the whole “women being engulfed by eatables” is a stale (ha) idea, so I think maybe it’s time to throw these leftovers into the garbage disposal along with mesh shirts and pants that can unzip into shorts.

For more food fashion faux pas, check out the entire listLovelies, do you love or hate (or not have feelings at all about) food in fashion?

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