I wear a ton of red around the holidays. It always seems to brighten my mood and I can still feel festive without slipping into a Christmas sweater (not that there’s ANYTHING wrong with Christmas sweaters). I’ve found a ton of red inspiration to get me through this holiday season: manicures, lips, scarves, mittens, dresses, coats… I could go on. Check out some of my favorite outfit inspiration after the cut! 

I love wearing red coats because I can pair them with all of my gray/black winter wear… I can even throw some brown into the mix and it looks good. 

Red dresses are super versatile. They’re perfect for date nights, holiday parties and even to wear to work. I pair them with my chunky charcoal cardigan, black opaque tights and black or light brown shoes.

Red shoes add the perfect pop of holiday color to any dark winter ensemble. I especially love how they pop when paired with black tights.

Be sure and check out the gallery for more of my favorite outfits featuring my favorite holiday color!

What do you think of these outfits, Lovelies? Is there a certain color (besides black) that you wear a lot around the holiday season?

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