So as I was sitting down to type up my Friends And Family Gift List a.k.a. Why I’m Going To Be Broke Until The New Year (I only do this because it helps me budget), I remembered something…or someone rather. I was idly playing around with the tool box while trying to remember all of my extended family. When little red lines appeared under family members with weird names, I suddenly had a flashback to a long, long time ago, when Macs came in colors and PCs had floppy drives.

When using Microsoft Word on came with a little helpful friend…

*TAP TAP TAP* “It looks like you’re writing a letter. Would you like some help?”

Do you guys remember Paper Clip Guy? That’s not what his official name was, but that’s what I called him. His real name was Clippy, the Office Assistant. Man, was he annoying. Apparently even the guys within Microsoft didn’t like him, hence the creation of his many replacements, like Power Pup the superhero dog and Scribble, the origami cat.

Remember how he would always pop up with something to say when you really didn’t want to hear it? How he would try to correct your mistakes when you just wanted to finish writing your stupid paper, to hell with spell check? How that smirk never left his face, making you wish you could digitally punch him in the face?

I miss him. We had our ups and downs. I did hide him from sight most of the time. But when I really needed the help, he was there for me. And as I write my gift lists now, on Pages instead of Microsoft Word, I remember him fondly. Paper Clip Guy will always hold a special place in my heart because he was my first real editor. Miss ya Clippy, you annoying piece of code.

Are you lovelies working on your Christmas lists too?