If you're blessed with a lot of family and friends, you're also cursed with big Christmas spending! That's why I started my annual tradition of making Christmas grab baskets. As a tip, gifts that can be equally enjoyed by both sexes like: gourmet snacks, candies and sweets do best. You can make it as extravagant or simple as you'd like, adding ribbons, bows and extra treats! For students living away from home, a hand-picked basket full of local goods gives your family and friends a taste of what your new life is like! The best part: you can buy for your entire family for under $100. It's amazing! Get some totally useful tips and see the contents of my DIY Christmas Basket here:

My Christmas Grab Bags are always a hit! Each year, my family calls to ask if I'm going to bring more of this or that. When I put the basket out on Christmas morning, everyone digs in! It's special to have one gift that everyone takes part in: sometimes my family even trades or shares their gifts. It ends up being a more interactive experience than traditional present opening, which is what Christmas is all about!

Would you try a Grab Bag/Basket for your family & friends?

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