I've actually never had an Advent calendar, but after seeing all of the beautiful inspiration floating around the Internet, I think I may have to change that this year. If you're not very familiar with these, an Advent calendar is a special calendar used to count or celebrate the days of Advent, or "coming" of Christmas. The calendars can be religious and secular. In many of the calendars, the gifts reveal an image, poem or portion of the Nativity story, while other calendars have small gifts like candy or chocolate. Since I'm currently residing in a tiny house with no room for a real Christmas tree or any of the decorations that I normally put up around the house, I'm looking for other festive options and I've just found 10 beautiful Advent calendar ideas to get me started

I love how sweet and simple these are. I love buying little trinkets for people, but my family doesn't really do stocking stuffers anymore now that we are all older, and it seems like such a sweet way to count down the days until Christmas, and to include small daily reminders of why you (may) celebrate the holiday. I love these!

Be sure and check out the gallery for more of my favorite Advent calendars!

Do you make Advent calendars every year for the holidays, Lovelies? If so, what do you put in them? If not, would you ever do this for the holidays?

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