Lady Gaga certainly knows how to push the boundaries of fashion. From her crazy-tall McQueen shoes to...well, just about every red carpet outfit ever, she's certainly revolutionized the image of the modern pop star. But while her clothing is usually pretty wacky, Gaga usually doesn't stray too far from the norm when it comes to her hair. Until now. Because she recently stepped out with a full head of dreads! Check out a better photo by clicking here!

If anyone can pull off dreadlocks, it's Lady Gaga. I have to admit, I really hate the look on most people. But on her it doesn't look terrible. I won't say I like it, but she doesn't look awful. However, no matter what my opinion is, this is sure to gain some serious attention and probably even start a new trend. So I guess you can all just go ahead and throw out your hairbrushes now. [via Buzzfeed]

What do you think of Gaga's new hair?