It’s already Thanksgiving?! I suppose that means it’s time to start thinking about what I’m grateful for. It’s important that I prep because, each year, I inevitably freeze when all eyes turn to me at the dinner table. The whole “I’m thankful for… uhh… turkey…” thing just doesn’t cut it when you’re 22, after all.
So in an effort to look prepapred, I’ve come up with 5 things I’m grateful for ahead of time!

1. Jimmy

(He’s actually the brains behind all my blog posts…)

I didn’t realize living on my own would be so hard — it gets lonely and way too quiet. But that’s why I’m so thankful for my best friend, Jimmy! He looked near-death when we found him, in a cage right off the highway in 90 degree weather. Four months later, he’s turned into quite the little man. He makes me feel like the most special girl in the world when I get home (even when I’m only out for a few minutes), makes the perfect little spoon when I’m cold in bed, and even keeps me company in the shower. I realize all those qualities could apply to a boyfriend (awkward, sorry)… but maybe that’s just the mark of a great cat! Even though he is the reason I can’t have nice things, I love the lil’ guy more than anything in the world!
2. A cool boss

I’m thankful that my boss is awesome. He’s kind of like a more sarcastic version of Ron Swanson. He was really intimidating at first, but his kindness and humor were quick to reveal themselves. When I interviewed with him, I was shaking — I mean, he told me to my face that the only reason they pulled my resume is because I’m so inexperienced. But then we talked about snorkeling, cats and being awkward, and for some reason he hired me. I’m allowed to come and go as I want, play computer games on the job, and, best of all, he trusts my judgment and treats me like an adult (which has never happened in any of the other jobs I’ve held).
3. Aretha Franklin

I’m thankful for the Queen of Soul. We all have go-to solutions for an instant pick-me-up. Aretha is mine. I feel like I could wrap myself up in her voice, just like a blanket (even when she gets all crazy high-pitched and sassy). And beyond the music itself, singing squawking along to her songs is a comfort in and of itself. She’s been a sort of constant throughout my life: from watching my mom belt out her lyrics when I was a toddler to belting them out myself, on my way home from my first day at my new job. It’s the little things, right?
4. Lovelyish

I’m thankful that I get to write everyday, and that people (besides my mom, I mean) voluntarily read my words! It’s one thing to write for myself, on my own time. But the opportunity to write for you Lovelies and be apart of the Lovelyish community is another thing entirely. It’s pretty rad. I really do feel lucky.
5. Family

I guess family is a pretty obvious thing to be thankful for, but… still. They deserve a shout-out! So I’m grateful for my mom’s constant desire for happy hour, her infinite pool of common sense (how did I miss out on that gene?), and her crazy big heart. I’m grateful for my dad’s unwavering logic and his quiet, deadpan humor. Oh, and his inexplicably random taste for smooth jazz. I’m also grateful for my sisters: Lauren, who is a voice of reason; and Taylor, who is the exact opposite (and I need that sometimes!).

Well now that I’ve gone and got all sentimental on you guys, I want to know what you’re thankful for!

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