Yesterday we (hopefully) brought a little laughter into your life with an "honest" movie trailer for Twilight: New Moon. Love it or hate it, you can't deny that the series gets lots of flack...but you also have to admit that some of it is pretty funny. And now the film connoisseurs over at Screen Junkies have come out with another Twilight trailer for your amusement. This time it focuses on the series' third move, Eclipse, and it may be the funniest one yet. Check it out by clicking here!

With treatment like this, I almost feel bad for Stephanie Meyer. (Almost. But she's a millionaire, so I can't say I'm really all that moved.) Now that the Twilight movies are done being made, I wonder if she'll work on writing something that's a bit more...accessible to audiences? I kind of hope not, because I'd really like to see comedic material like this keep coming... [via YouTube]

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