It must be nice to have an amazing body, fashion magazines begging for you to grace their covers oh, and a tattoo that is worth $1.6 million. Kate Moss, who still earns up to $400,000 for a day's work, has revealed that her lower back tattoo was drawn by British painter, Lucian Freud.

Moss met the legendary artist in 2002 after mentioning him in a magazine interview. Kate received a phone call from Lucian's daughter saying that her dad would like to meet her. That is where their artistic relationship began.

Soon after the phone call, Kate and Lucian had dinner, after which, Lucian painted Kate's portrait. The portrait, named Naked Portrait 2002, shows a very pregnant Moss against a pillow.

Kate enjoyed the painting so much that she asked if he could draw a tattoo for her. They decided on a set of birds, one on either side of her spine on her lower back.

The birds now serve as a reminder of Moss' good friend, who sadly died in 2011.

What do you think of Kate Moss' tattoo?

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