Fiona Apple, a singer-songwriting genius (to me, at least), has postponed her tour. The reason might surprise you; though for certain animal-lovers, this could be considered totally understandable. 

According to ABC News, the musician has put her tour on hold upon the realization that her dog is dying. Janet, her beloved pit bull, was once used in a dog fighting ring as one of the puppies used to “puff up the confidence of contenders.” Fortunately, Apple found her in Echo Park, Los Angeles and brought her home nearly 14 years ago. Janet has Addison’s disease, however, which has caused her to have a tumor in her chest that will lead to her death in the near future.

In a post on her Facebook, she says, “I just can’t leave her now, please understand. If I go away again, I’m afraid she’ll die and I won’t have the honor of singing her to sleep, of escorting her out.” She accompanied this with photos of a handwritten note apologizing to fans and explaining her reasoning. In discussing how devoted she is to her pup, Apple says “She’s my best friend and my mother and my daughter, my benefactor, and she’s the one who taught me what love is… Janet has been the most consistent relationship of my adult life, and that is just a fact.”

Thousands of fans have shown their support on Apple’s Facebook, posting messages of condolence as well as their own tales. It does not sound like too many folks are outraged about the postponing (as opposed to canceling the shows). Apple explained that she “will not be the woman who puts her career ahead of love and friendship. I am the woman who stays home and bakes Tilapia for my dearest, oldest friend.”

I honestly started crying while reading her whole post, available at the Facebook link above. I love animals, especially my own, to a degree I can’t express. Anybody who’s ever had a pet they really loved, that they saw as a family member and not simply a house guest, can likely empathize with Apple’s sadness.

If I were in the same position, I would absolutely do the exact same thing. My dog sleeps in my bed every night that I’m home, has literally saved my life before and no matter where I am in the world, I will fly back to be there when she passes (she lives with my parents, as she’s been our family dog since I was 8).

I’m sure there are those would ridicule Apple’s decision or say she’s being overly sentimental, “it’s just a dog,” yadda yadda. But I feel so sorry for those people, as they have apparently not understood how amazing it is to have such a loyal, nonjudgmental, wonderful friend that loves you unconditionally and vice versa. But to each their own, of course.

Lovelies, do you have any pet stories you’d like to share?

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