For the past two years, I've had Harry Potter marathons each fall/winter. I remember starting the books for the first time years ago over Christmas break, so maybe that's why I get the uncontrollable urge to revisit the books and films (at least) once a year. Or maybe it's just because all of these adorable Harry Potter Christmas gifts and screencaps are floating around the Internet. I suppose it could be both.

I'm in love with this mug. So cute!

Send someone (ahem, or yourself) a Hogwarts acceptance letter!

This cute print is definitely a fun conversation piece for the home. 

I love these hardcover Hogwarts textbooks/journals

I love this sweet and simple lightning bolt necklace.

Be sure and check out the gallery for more Harry Potter Christmas gift ideas, along with some beautiful screencaps from the films!

Is there a certain book or movie that you enjoy every holiday season, Lovelies?

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