It goes without saying that the pop stars of today are pretty flamboyant characters. During my childhood, the craziest look you would see was Britney carrying a snake or Christina in some revealing chaps. But now when I think of contemporary pop, images of bright hues, crazy wigs and cupcake bras race into my head. To make it in music, you have to be as over the top and (literally) colorful as possible. So it's not surprising that one artist used candy (and lots of it) to create some amazing portraits of singers! Check them out by clicking here!

Okay, go ahead and cue the "these look too awesome to eat" comments. Because they really do. (And I know that Monroe isn't a pop star, but she still was a colorful character!) Artist Cristiam Ramos uses over 5,000 pieces of candy to concoct these works, and they usually sell for about $18,000 apiece. Which isn't surprising, considering how much work and attention to detail goes into them. Head on over to the source to read even more about the artist! [via Daily Mail]

Which portrait is your favorite?