If there's one thing I've learned through talking to guys about the attractiveness of other women, it's that there is definitely a gap between what men find hot in women and what women consider beautiful.

It seems to me that a guy's version of a hot girl, AKA "guy hot," is the look that Victoria's Secret so often uses on their models in their fashion shows: pink lips and pink cheeks, bouncy wavy hair, and very bronzed skin. The following women epitomize this guy hot look:

1. Adriana Lima

2. Rosie Huntington Whitely

3. Megan Fox

While most girls can't deny the appeal of the aforementioned women, they don't quite fit the typical "girl hot" bill. Girl hot tends to consist more of a bright red lip with pale skin and dark hair. Here are some typical girl hot celebs.

1. Zooey Deschannel

2. Anne Hathaway

3. Kristen Stewart

Lovelies, why do you think there is a discrepancy between girl hot and guy hot? Which look do you individually prefer?

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