Like every year, we've seen some odd runway looks this season. (If you need proof, just look at Chanel's hula hoop bag.) Personally, I find the 90s trend that's been popping up everywhere to be a very...odd choice for the fashion industry. But, hey, style is cyclical, and we were bound to see it rise again. But there's another "mini trend" (as the source calls it) showing up that's stranger than anything I've seen this year: grey lipstick.

It seems that 50 Shades may have had an impact on more than just the literary world. Both Estee Lauder and MAC have released grey lipsticks this season, and the latter even has a matching nail polish line. But how does one even begin to wear this color on their face? Fashionista explains:

When I asked for tips about how to wear 'Grey Friday' [MAC artist Romero Jennings] said, 'First use your favorite neutral pencil. Line and fill in the lip with the pencil. Then add sheer layers of Grey Friday lipstick until your favorite shade magically appears.' You can even use it to try out the wine lipstick trend that is everywhere right now. 'Use your finger to press the color into the lips for a darkened wine stain,' MAC Senior Artist Keri Blair said.

So, good news for those of you who don't want to go full grey but still want to try this out: just layer the color over your usual shade for something a little different. Wine lipstick is about as adventurous as I'll be getting with my makeup this fall, so I may just stay away from this trend completely. Nonetheless, I'd love to see some other gals try it out! [via Fashionista]

What do you think of this trend? Will you try it?