As you've no doubt heard, the Twilight saga released its very last movie this month. Much has been said about the franchise, from rabid fans screaming its praises, to bitter intellectuals bemoaning the shape of our literary future. (Sorry, Twihards: I may just fall into that sourpuss second category.) But there's one thing that's often brought Twilight haters and lovers together in the past seven years: humor. Love the series or hate it, everyone seems to be able to laugh at some of its sillier parts. If you're one of these people, then you definitely need to check out this honest trailer for "Twilight: New Moon"!

Yep, that was pretty amazing. Even my little sister (who loves the series) thought so, and I really believe that says something. Leave it to a little laughter to bring drastically opposed sides together, even for a little bit. And stay tuned, "Honest Trailer" fans; we'll be bringing you more silliness within the next day! [via io9]

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