Ke$ha has never been an artist known for possessing a demure red carpet style. In fact, when most people hear her name, I'm willing to bet that images of glitter, face paint and messy hair come to mind. However, something has been recently changing with the pop star's style. In fact, some might say that it's getting fairly...average! Just take a look at the outfit she wore to the AMAs last night and tell me if you think the same thing!

Hey, whoever said that an average look is always a bad thing? Sure, this seems like something any other pop starlet would wear, but that doesn't make it bad or even boring. In fact, I like Ke$ha's new, more mature look, and I hope she rocks it more often! (Also, those nails are killer.) The neckline on this isn't the best, but otherwise I think she looks great. Now if she would just stop spelling her name with a dollar sign, I may just be able to call myself a fan.

Is Ke$ha's new look a hit or miss?

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