I’ve been crushing on Anne Hathaway for years. She’s funny, she’s heartbreaking, she's fashionable, and she just seems so nice. And, the most obvious sign you’ve got a girl crush: I want to go shopping with her.

I’ve liked her since she played the most awkward princess ever in The Princess Diaries, when she played a desperate-to-impress assistant to Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada, and when she brought out Angsty Anne in the movie Havoc, a lesser known movie of hers, but a really gritty role for her to take on. I’ve been pretty mesmerized by how many different roles the doe-eyed actress does take on.

Yet I have to say my favorite, most heart-breaking role she’s played yet has been as Jane Austen in Becoming Jane (opposite the charming James McAvoy, who is my boy crush, so it's pretty perfect pairing). If you watch it, make sure you aren’t already feeling like you’re going to be forever alone. There’s something about her sadness, in whatever role she plays, that comes through the screen and makes it easy to relate to how much feelings suck sometimes. To me, she shines when she’s playing darker, desperate characters, like Selina Kyle in the recent Batman film.

So I’m really anticipating her next film coming out this Christmas, Les Miserables. Just watching the trailer with her singing “I Dreamed A Dream” gave me goosebumps. Plus, the gal can rock the long do and the short do. She’s rocking the short 'do on the cover of this month’s Vogue.

Do you like her better with long or short hair, Lovelies?