The Golden Girls is definitely one of my favorite television shows ever. I used to come home from school, head straight over to my best friend's house and we'd watch the reruns on Lifetime and laugh our butts off. As if those four ladies weren't funny enough, they also tackled many social and political issues at the time that still affect women today. So if you can't get enough of Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia, here are 20 hilarious screencaps that will have you rummaging through the fridge for the cheesecake


My mother is definitely a Sophia/Lucille Bluth hybrid. Gotta love 'em!


I always thought it was cool that even though the girls often made fun of Blanche's ahem, active dating life, that they never viewed her as a bad person or judged her.


I love Rose's ability to take a horrifying situation and look on the bright side.


Be sure and check out the gallery for more of my favorite Golden Girls moments! 

Who is your favorite Golden Girl, Lovelies?