Mister Jordan Catalano himself, Jared Leto, has a whole new look. Granted, it's for the upcoming film The Dallas Buyers Club with Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Garner. While the 30 Seconds To Mars frontman is pretty used to wearing eyeliner, his character, a cross-dressing person with AIDS named Rayon, is a whole new ballgame for Leto. From weight loss to beauty processes, his appearance has completely altered since shooting began. 

As People pointed out, Leto slightly resembles Steven Tyler, with his angular jawline and pouty lips.

Losing weight isn't the only way Leto, 40, has had to change his body for the role of Rayon. He also had to wax his entire body, afterward tweeting, "I just waxed my legs for this new role. Time to get into character. Pluck pluck pluck. Filming this week." He added: "Ladies, I feel your pain. What I have learned today: Beauty is pain."

While I'm actually pretty opposed to removing my own body hair, I did just have to get a Brazilian wax for an article on another website last month, and I have gained a sense of incredulous awe for those who do it regularly. The idea how having to wax throughout the entirety of shooting sounds terrible to me, so high five, Jared Leto. Dedication, man.

Leto isn't the only one who's been drastically altering his appearance for the film. McConaughey, as we earlier reported, has lost an incredible amount of weight in order to look the part of a man dying from AIDS. Changing your outward appearance for a role can be exhausting, mind-consuming and physically distressing in unhealthy ways. Fortunately, films with this type of scale typically have doctors on standby and nutritionists who assist actors in their transformations.

Lovelies, what do you think about Leto's transformation for this film? If you were an actor, would you lose weight and wax your entire body for a movie role?

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