Tired of inCases and over Otterboxes? Have I got the iPhone gifts for you! While coming up with my own holiday list, I ventured over to Urban Outfitters website and found some wacky, unique, and totally unusual iPhone accessories that I just had to share! Check them out on the next page!

1. NATIVE UNION Pop Phone Handset – $35

Have you ever wanted to go back in time? Well, you’ll feel like you’re in 1980 with this soft-touch, rubber handset for your Mac products. Onlookers will definitely do a double-take! 

2. Breffo Spider Podium Phone Stand – $20

It’s creepy, crawly, but so convenient! This multi-purpose, flexible phone stand can be used practically anywhere. With eight bendable arms, the stand can shape shift to fit your needs.  

3. iPhone Alarm Phone Stand – $30

Wakey, wakey! This simplistic yet stylish phone stand gives alarms clocks a modern twist. Just dock your phone to the device and ta-da — Mom’s morning wake up call will be a thing of a past.  

4. iPhone Fan – $16

Looking to chill out this holiday season? Swipe one of these up and you’re sure to have the coolest gift of all! 

5. Gaming iPhone 3G-4S Case – $15

For the hard-core iPhone gamer, this is the gift for you! If you’re addicted to Angry Birds or hopelessly hypnotized by Temple Run, the case makes game-playing easy!

Happy shopping, lovelies!

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