Since you all loved the looks we posted from Chictopia and, I thought I'd share another great source for fashion eye candy: The Locals. Originally, The Locals was a popular fashion blog known as Copenhagen but now Soren Jepsen, the photographer, incorporates street styles from all over the world into his style site, hence the name change. I wish I could go on a street style adventure with Soren Jepsen but I guess I'll just have to stalk The Locals instead. Check out some of the site's hottest looks in the gallery below and let us know what you think! 

The photographer is trying to branch out from his Scandinavian roots and document beautiful styles from all over the world. He hopes his viewers take from his street style shots what he does: inspiration. Get your inspiration too in the gallery below and on The Locals home site

What do you think of these looks, Lovelies?