Being the incredibly indecisive person I am, I want to try everything once in my life. At the top of my list? Going red.

But it's kind of risky, isn't it? Dye jobs can turn out so, so wrong (which I learned the hard way in the ninth grade). Not only that, but going from blonde to red has always seemed so drastic! I just don't feel brave enough to leave work as a blonde and show up the next day with red hair.

There's just something about redheads, though. I feel like if I had red hair I'd be edgier and cooler... maybe I'd finally look a bit older, too!

So in an effort to get some perspective and a little inspiration, I turned to the internet. And what do you know?! Plenty of stars have made the leap (and done so quite successfully, in my opinion!).

Check out the numerous lovely ladies who've gone both ways — and looked great in both!

What do you Lovelies think? Worth the risk?

(If I ever muster up the courage, I'll be sure to show you guys!)

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