There have been plenty of ridiculous weight loss products throughout the years. From juice cleanses to diet pills, men and women have tried almost everything to shed pounds. But there is one thing nobody equates with getting slim: soda. We all know that soda, even the diet kind is bad for you, right? Well that theory may change, now that Pepsi has created a new beverage that supposedly blocks fat! So is this too good to be true, or are we looking at the future of weight loss here?

This new "miracle" soda is called Pepsi Special, and it's packed with fiber and other goodies that allegedly block fat:

[It] contains dextrin, a dietary fiber that dissolves in water and is found in fiber supplements...
A Suntory news release claims the drink acts by 'suppressing the absorption of fat' and can inhibit the rise in triglycerides after a meal, making it, potentially, the first 'healthy' soda.

But if you want to try out this new weight loss plan, you'd better live in Japan. Right now, Pepsi Special is only being sold over there. But I'm sure if people see results, we'll see it in the States and beyond very soon! [via Time]

Would you try this soda for weight loss?