Christmastime means a lot of things: stress over budgeting/finding the perfect gift, avoiding/stocking up on awesome Christmas music and holiday parties. I am regretfully unable to attend my work Christmas party this year (I’m having my wisdom teeth out), but I’m flying out to stay with my boyfriend’s parents in North Carolina post-wisdom tooth trauma and they are quite the holiday partiers. As if I wasn’t stressed enough about money and this dentist appointment (I’m convinced I’m going to pee my pants while sedated), I was kind of freaking out about what I was going to wear, until now! I’ve found some cute (and afforadable!) holiday party outfit ideas! 

The dress! (Starting from the top left to bottom right)
1. The perfect casual holiday party dress. I’d pair it with red lips, a top bun (gotta show off that collar), and some black opaque tights. It would also be perfect with a layered look for a coffee date with friends. (Coach Tour Dress in Winter, ModCloth, $47.99)
2. I love this unique dress! It’s casual-looking enough for a family get-together, and also polished enough to show off at a Christmas party for work. (Jacquard Floral Cutout Dress, Forever 21, $24.80)
3. I’m in love with this sweet collar. I could see it with a messy updo (a MUST to show off that gorgeous collar), black eyeliner and flushed cheeks or a red lip. And definitely a red or gold shoe. (Ellen Dress by Darling UK, Ruche, $124.99)
4. I actually just bought this dress for one of my holiday parties and I can’t wait to wear it! I’m going to wear it with wavy hair, black opaque tights and a red shoe. (Fly Me to the Moonrock Dress, ModCloth, $49.99)
5. Every lady needs a red dress. Black tights, a gold shoe and waves for days. Love it. (Apple Pie Perfection Dress, ModCloth, $57.99)
6. I’m in love with this colorful dress. I’d buy it for holiday parties and even consider wearing it for a New Years Eve party as well. (Color Me Rad Dress, ModCloth, $109.99)

The shoes!
1. These red wedges are cute enough for a holiday party look, and comfy enough for a hot cocoa date. (From the Taupe Heel in Cherry, ModCloth, $49.99)
2. Don’t want to buy a fancy dress just for one holiday party? Pair these glittered oxfords with a basic colored dress and some opaque black tights. They don’t call ’em party shoes for nothing. (Glittered Lace-Up Oxfords, Forever 21, $24.80)
3. Pair these comfy gold flats with a black dress! These can be paired with almost any other outfit to add a little holiday shine. (Grosgrain Bow Ballet Flats, Forever 21, $14.80)
4. These red pumps scream holiday party, don’t you think? (Over the Moon Heels in Red, Ruche, $39.99)

The accessories!

1. Tights! I love polka dot tights right now, it looks so cute when paired with a basic dress. (Oddly enough, I find the cheapest polka-dot tights at Wal-Mart! Look at Target and Forever 21 too.)
2. Cute hair accessories. One of the best things about the holiday season is the attention to every sparkly detail. (Stella bobbies, Anthropologie, $22)
3. Backcomb your hair to give it some extra volume!
4. Red lips: a holiday staple.

Be sure and check out the gallery for more of my favorite festive picks!

Are you attending any holiday parties this year, Lovelies? What do you plan on wearing?

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