Help. I can't decide between which pair of boots I want more.

I've been shopping around for a pair because, hey, it's already boot season. Everyone's walking around with their jeans tucked into a pair of knee-high boots. They've got their leggings matching their ankle boots, their tights coordinating with their furry trimmed Uggs. And I've seen many a rolled wooly sock above a laced up calf-high boot.

By far though, the favorite boots to stomp around in are cowboy boots and riding boots. 

Cowboy boots give you that rural, gritty 'tude when you put them on. Paired with a dress, they give a nice contrast of "Yeah, I'm a tough cookie, but I'm cute too." I like that they're kind of a "shoe classic," never really going out of style because they've lived through the changing times.

These vintage boots from Urban Outfitters are a good example:


But then I see riding boots, which look so polished with comfy socks just above their rim (very British, which seems to be the trend thanks to those One Direction lads). They definitely look feminine, in a sporty way. They say "I'm classy, but I've got sass." You can put a cardigan on and feel like you're ready to go on a fox hunt.

Oh, Urban Outfitters, you don't make this easy for me:

Which one would you Lovelies go with: posh or plucky?

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