I've always been a reader. Back in school at parent teacher conferences, the only complaint would be that I read too much in class. Harry Potter is a series that somewhat defines my childhood, and to this day you'll never find me without some sort of book in my bag. While I was aware that some tomes get read more than others, I never knew the numbers. Which is why I found this graph of the world's top-read books incredibly interesting! Check it out and let us know if you've ever consumed any of these works!

Surprisingly (to me, at least) I've only read six of these! (As for The Bible, well, I only read snippets in religion classes. But I still count it.) While I don't plan on indulging in the Twilight saga anytime soon, it is interesting to see it make the list! And I am very curious to see how it grows and changes in the next five, ten, 15, 100 years and on. But hey: as long as people keep reading, it will probably be good to see! [via Bits and Pieces]

Have you read any of these? Are you surprised by any of the titles on the list?

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