As you may know, 30 Rock is on it's last season. Personally, I'm quite sad about the whole thing, and I've been watching recent episodes with a combination of love and sadness. Fans know that Liz Lemon is making big steps this season, what with trying to have a baby with her live-in boyfriend. But today NBC (accidentally?) revealed a huge spoiler about her personal life! Click here if you want to read it, but obviously this reveals a huge plot twist!

Yup, that's right: the unlucky in love Liz Lemon may just be getting married! While this is certainly exciting news, I do wish I had found out through the show and not NBC. Nonetheless, I look forward to watching the last few episodes in this series. Hopefully a comedy comes along to fill the Lemon-sized hole in my heart soon, though. [via Crushable]

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