This woman is crazy, and I love it.

At the MTV Europe Music Awards, the hostess donned eight separate dresses, all designed by Versace. The first, this sparkling blue and gold mermaid/peacock look, has received a lot of criticism and, understandably, a few raised eyebrows.

But despite the loudness of it, and the fact that it looks like half of her body is breaking out of it, I can't find anything wrong with this dress. I mean, this is Heidi Klum (have you seen her Halloween costumes?). She's mastered the art of refined wackiness in a way Lady Gaga could never reciprocate. Plus, the atmosphere of the MTV Awards justifies a little bit of crazy, right?

I know it's a matter of personal taste — but I think she looks fiiiine. I'd be proud to call this woman mom!

But what do you guys think? Hit or miss?

(Check out the rest of her costumes throughout the night below, they were just as exciting!)

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