It's not surprising that Christina Hendricks is one of the main object of girl crushes for almost every woman I know. She's beautiful, talented and has a body that those of us who aren't thin can still aspire to. (Well, maybe not in the chest department, unless you're naturally blessed or rich.) But while she always looks good on Mad Men, I have to admit: her red carpet style isn't often the best. There, I said it. It hurt to make any negative comments against one of my favorite actresses, but Hendricks just doesn't have a great red carpet look. And recently she stepped out in yet another outfit that's getting less-than-favorable reviews. Check it out here and let us know if it's a hit or miss!

As a naturally busty woman, there are some things I know. One of these is that dresses with high necklines are usually not flattering. They make me look dowdy and lumpy, and here Hendricks is no exception. Combined with the knee-high boots, there's no skin showing here, and it makes her look matronly. I'm certainly not saying that Hendricks always wears poor outfits, but this is just one more in a line of ones that haven't been great.

Hit or miss, Lovelies?

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